88 temples · 1200 years · 4 prefectures · 1150 km

Travel impressions of Shikoku pilgrims

Rapp, ChristianMunich2018/2019T01 to T88
Tsuzuki, Jiro 都月次郎Miyakejima, Japan2018T01 toT88

Christian Rapp

I walked the Shikoku Pilgrimage in March and April 2018 and in October and November 2019. In 2018, I started the walk in Kōchi with Temple 31 Chikurinji (竹林寺) and interrupted at Temple 84 Yashimaji (屋島寺). Then in the fall of 2019, from Temple 85 Yakuriji (八栗寺) to Temple 31 Chikurinji (竹林寺).
Culture and nature, land and people on Shikoku fascinated me very much.

That’s why I created this website. With information for people who want to hike the pilgrimage route themselves and for entertainment, for everyone who looks at these pages.

I first heard and read about the Shikoku pilgrimage a few years earlier.Why I set out for Shikoku in the spring of 2018 and did not walk the European Way of St. James or the Japanese Saigoku Pilgrimage Trail, I cannot say. These two paths would be much easier for me to reach than the path on Shikoku.

Tsuzuki, Jiro 都月次郎



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