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How much does it cost to walk the entire Shikoku Pilgrimage?

Japanische Yen Münzen und Scheine

The cost of a pilgrimage on Shikoku can vary greatly. Depending on how long you take for the pilgrimage. And depending on your personal requirements in terms of accommodation and food. An overnight stay can be free or cost 7,000 yen/night in a hotel/ryokan, but also 10,000 yen/night and well above.
The cost of travel to Japan can also vary greatly.

For orientation, here are typical costs that can be incurred for a pilgrimage on Shikoku.

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Where to stay on the Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail?

Minshuku Micchan みっちゃん - Familienpension in der Nähe von Tempel 36 Shōryūji 青竜寺

Shikoku offers a variety of different accommodations for pilgrims.
In mishuku, ryokan and shukubo (temple accommodation) – traditional Japanese.
Free of charge in accommodations offered privately or at the temple. In huts set up by Shikoku residents for pilgrims to rest.
In guesthouses, hotels, and business hotels, as found in many other countries.

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Shikoku Pilgrimage Gear List

Shikoku Henro Equipment

I walked the Shikoku Pilgrimage in March/April 2018 and October/November 2019. The daytime temperatures were around 68°F (20° C) during these times. My equipment was adjusted to these mild temperatures.
I spent the night in guesthouses, temple accommodations and henro houses. In larger cities also sometimes in a business hotel. I didn’t spend the night outdoors and therefore I didn’t take any equipment with me, like tent, sleeping bag etc.

Based on my experiences, I have compiled the following tips, which can serve as an orientation for your packing list.

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