How much does it cost to walk the entire Shikoku Pilgrimage?

The cost of a pilgrimage on Shikoku can vary greatly. Depending on how long you take for the pilgrimage. And depending on your personal requirements in terms of accommodation and food. An overnight stay can be free or cost 7,000 yen/night in a hotel/ryokan, but also 10,000 yen/night and well above.
The cost of travel to Japan can also vary greatly.

For orientation, here are typical costs that can be incurred for a pilgrimage on Shikoku. 1,000 yen is equivalent to about 7.60 USD; or 7.50 EUR (as of August 2022).

Table of contents

Accommodation costs

AccommodationTypical costsMeals incl.
Minshuku6,500 YENDinner + Breakfast
Ryokan8,000 YENDinner + Breakfast
Shukubō8,000 YENDinner + Breakfast
Business-Hotel7,000 YENnone
Hotel9,000 YENnone
Guest House3,500 YENnone
Henro House3,500 YENnone
Tsuyadō1,000 YENnone
Zenkonyado1,000 YENnone

At Tsuyadō and Zenkonyado, accommodation is generally free. However, you are expected to leave 1,000 yen in the donation box at Tsuyadō before you leave. And after an overnight stay at Zenkonyado, you should leave 2,000 yen if you used a futon, or 1,000 yen if you don’t use a futon.

Cost of food and drinks

Cost of breakfast from 400 yen.
Many cafes and coffee shops offer an inexpensive breakfast in the morning (morning set).
Usually includes a hot drink (coffee or tea), bread and butter, egg and salad.

Cost for lunch starts at 500 yen.
During the week, most restaurants offer very inexpensive lunch sets.

Cost at the temple

Stamp in pilgrim’s book: 300 yen per temple.
Offerings in the Main Hall and Daishi Hall: about 100 yen per temple (voluntary).
For 88 temples: 88 x 400 yen= 35,200 yen; calculated over 42 days = 840 yen/day.

Cost of pilgrimage equipment

  • hakui 白衣 oder oizuru 笈摺 (2,000 yen to 3,500 yen): White shirt worn by pilgrims on their journey. With long sleeves (hakui) or as a sleeveless shirt (oizuru).
  • nōkyōchō 納経帳 (2,000 yen to 3,500 yen): Pilgrimage book, in hardback. For each of the 88 temples, one page is provided in the pilgrimage book. As proof of the temple visit, the page is stamped with three red stamps in the pilgrimage office and caligraphed with the name of the main deity of the respective temple in kanji. For further pilgrimages, the respective page in the pilgrimage book is stamped again, but no longer caligraphed.
  • osamefuda 納め札 (200 pieces 100 yen): Votive note of a pilgrim. Visiting card left by a pilgrim at the temple. Also given as a thank you for a support (settai) to locals or fellow pilgrims.
  • kongōzue 金剛杖 (1,500 yen bis 2,500 yen): Staff.

Cost of miscellaneous

In addition, there are costs for other things needed in Shikoku, such as sunscreen, band-aids, etc.

Cost for arrival/departure and for Kōya-san

There are also very different individual costs for your travel to Shikoku (flight/train/bus) and for the return trip. And for a possible visit to Kōya-san in Wakayama Prefecture on the main Japanese island of Honshū before and/or after the pilgrimage.

Total costs (approx.) for the pilgrimage in the overview

Overnight stay inMinshuku/ Ryokan/
Shukubō/ Hotel
Guest House/
Henro House
Accommodation Costs7,500 YEN3,500 YEN1,000 YEN
Dinner + Breakfast inclusive1,000 YEN1,000 YEN
Lunch + Beverages 1,000 YEN1,000 YEN1,000 YEN
At the temple840 YEN840 YEN840 YEN
Pilgrimage Equipment + Miscellaneous 1,000 YEN1,000 YEN1,000 YEN
Costs/day (YEN)10,340 YEN7,340 YEN4,840 YEN
Costs/ 42 days (YEN)435.000 YEN310.000 YEN200.000 YEN
Costs/day (USD)79 USD56 USD37 USD
Costs/ 42 days (USD)3,300 USD2,350 USD1,550 USD
Costs/day (EUR)78 EUR55 EUR36 EUR
Costs/ 42 days (EUR)3,250 EUR2,300 EUR1,500 EUR
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